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Full eyebrows are on trend right now with celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson sporting a thick brow with a natural arch. You can have these beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows with microblading treatments at Pure Touch Skin Center in Glendale, California. This semi-permanent treatment can help you look your best, and the staff includes a specially-trained employee from the famous Brow Ink LA with previous celebrity clients. Call either office for your next microblading appointment to schedule a consultation today.

Microblading Q & A

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent, customized eyebrow treatment in which a trained and certified esthetician uses a unique tool to apply thin, hair-like lines of pigment to your eyebrows. Microblading can fill in thin or sparse eyebrows and create a full and natural look if you've over-plucked your brows in the past. The staff at Pure Touch Skin Center are trained and certified to provide microblading treatments and can help you create beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows. 

What happens during a microblading treatment?

Before starting the process, your Pure Touch Skin Center esthetician provides a consultation to determine if microblading is the right treatment for you and answer your questions. A microblading treatment, which can take place on the same day as your consultation, usually takes around two hours. Most of this time is spent drawing and perfecting your eyebrows before applying the pigment. 

You can request a topical anesthetic during microblading. This keeps you comfortable while your esthetician uses a special microblading pen to draw individual strokes, creating the eyebrows you’ve always wanted.

How should eyebrows be taken care of after a microblading treatment?

One of the benefits of microblading is that it requires no downtime. Your eyebrow area may be a little pink directly after your treatment, but the pinkness fades quickly. Your esthetician will give you personalized advice for caring for your brows, but typically you’ll use a gentle cleanser and apply a small amount of a moisturizing ointment in the evenings.

Your eyebrows will look darker for the first week or so following your microblading appointment. As your eyebrows heal, the pigment will fade to a more natural look. You will be provided a comprehensive post-care sheet after treatment. Your esthetician may recommend that you schedule a follow-up appointment approximately a month after your initial session for any touch-ups. 

Is microblading permanent?

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment. Most people have microblading touch-up appointments each year to keep their eyebrows looking perfect. 

If you’re interested in microblading and creating beautiful natural looking eyebrows, call Pure Touch Skin Center to schedule a consultation today. 

*Individual results may vary.