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Do you long for fuller, lusher, and longer eyelashes? If so, FDA-approved LatisseⓇ can help with eyelash growth and is one of many aesthetic treatments available from Pure Touch Skin Center in Glendale and Sherman Oaks, California. Join the thousands of men and women who’ve experienced the benefits of Latisse for themselves. Scheduling an appointment online is fast and simple, or you can always call to speak with a member of the administrative staff.

Eyelash Growth Q & A

How does Latisse help with eyelash growth?

Latisse is an FDA-approved medication used to improve sparse or thin eyelashes. It’s a synthetic form of a natural substance called prostaglandin, which disrupts and then stimulates the eyelash growth cycle. The simple, at-home treatment gives you longer, darker, and thicker lashes without the use of false eyelashes and lash extensions. 

Scientists discovered that prostaglandin eye drops could boost eyelash growth while using the treatment to treat glaucoma. Doctors and patients noticed that their eyelashes were becoming more lush and full during their glaucoma therapy. 

Your eyelashes serve more than just an aesthetic purpose. They also help screen environmental debris from reaching your eyes. Sparse eyelashes, or hypotrichosis, could make you feel self-conscious and place your eyes at risk for damage. Stimulating eyelash growth using Latisse adds protective layers of volume and thickness while emphasizing your eyes. 

How do I use Latisse to boost eyelash growth?

Latisse is a prescription medication you can use at home on your own by following a few simple steps. It’s important to begin with a clean face and clean hands. If you wear contacts, be sure to remove them before beginning. 

Remove the Latisse applicator from its tray and hold it horizontally. Squeeze one drop of Latisse onto the applicator, just in front of the tip. Gently move the applicator along the base of your upper lash line, starting at the inner corners. Take care to ensure the solution doesn’t enter your eye and don’t use Latisse on your lower lashes. 

It’s important to pay attention to your eye health during your eyelash growth treatment, so be sure to report any unusual changes to the team at Pure Touch Skin Center. 

How long does it take to see eyelash growth when using Latisse?

You should begin to see improved eyelash growth after six to eight weeks of daily use. After around four weeks, you may be able to drop down to only one or two applications each week to maintain your results. 

There’s no need to follow a strict timeline for your Latisse treatment; you can reduce your applications as soon as you reach the desired results. If you discontinue use, your results will fade over time. Eventually, your eyelashes will return to the length and thickness you had before you began Latisse, so ongoing applications may be needed. 

To see how Latisse can help with your eyelash growth, call or schedule an appointment online with Pure Touch Skin Center today.