Want Bold Brows Without a Ton of Makeup? Try Microblading

In the past, improving your appearance required invasive surgical procedures and lengthy downtimes. Those days have come to an end. Now, you can turn to numerous minimally invasive aesthetic treatments to enhance your appearance during a simple office visit. And, they can even address sparse or thinning eyebrows.

Cosmetic treatments for eyebrows aren’t new. But, unlike common treatments like tattooing, microblading offers a more affordable and convenient option. It’s no wonder this process has gained massive popularity in recent years with celebrities like Madonna, Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, and many others. 

Our team of highly qualified aestheticians at Pure Touch Skin Center can demystify this astonishing treatment if you're looking for thicker, fuller, and natural-looking eyebrows. 

When to consider microblading

The good news about microblading is that it literally works for everyone. Whether you want thicker brows without the daily hassle of makeup, or you’ve noticed brow thinning related to age or alopecia, you can get spectacular, natural-looking brows with microblading.

How microblading works

The term “microblading” simply describes the process of applying a semi-permanent tattoo to your brow lines. This technique provides results that typically last up to three years. 

At Pure Touch Skin Center, we use a simple, handheld device to draw individual pigments of color, creating the appearance of additional hairs along your brow lines. Your initial treatment can take up to a few hours to complete, and you can expect darker, fuller results immediately after treatment. 

As your eyebrows heal, you can expect your new brows to fade, providing a more natural look. Scheduling follow-up appointments helps monitor your results and provides opportunities for touch-ups or alterations depending on your overall goals.      

The advantages of microblading

Unlike permanent tattooing processes, microblading doesn’t alter the deeper layers of the skin. Instead, you only have changes on the very surface layers of your skin. Plus, the pigment strokes used in microblading have a more natural appearance. We achieve these results by using a handheld needle or blade, as opposed to a tattoo gun, which penetrates deeper and provides less natural-looking — and permanent — results. 

Getting perfect brows

Now that you know how microblading works and what to expect, you may be wondering about cost and the number of sessions you’ll need to get great results. If you’re ready to take the first step in achieving bold, lush brows, come see our team of highly trained aestheticians at Pure Touch Skin Center for all the details. You can trust our extensive experience and unique skills, along with the latest in cosmetic technology to get the fuller and truly organic-looking brows you’ve been dreaming of. 

Are you tired of thinning brows and exhausted from going through the aggravation of filling them in day after day? Microblading could be the answer you've been looking for. Contact one of our convenient locations in Glendale or Sherman Oaks, California, to schedule a consultation today.

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