Sculptra for BBLs and Facial Rejuvenation

Sculptra for BBLs and Facial Rejuvenation

Winter may be around the corner, but it’s also a great time to start aesthetic treatments to get your body ready for a less-modest spring and summer wardrobe. Every year, the dream of a physique that stops traffic and looks great in the mirror is the goal, but having the tools to reach your goal is equally important. 

Our talented staff of medical professionals at Pure Touch Skin Center in Sherman Oaks and Glendale, California, are well-versed and experienced in the use of Sculptra, a revolutionary FDA-approved filler for facial rejuvenation that can be used to lift and tone your bottom. Sculptra is available to change your look as soon as you’re ready. 

What exactly is Sculptra? 

If you’re looking for a filler that will plump your skin and give you a full, youthful look, look no further than Sculptra, which is not a toxin, so it doesn’t prevent wrinkles from forming or exacerbating. For that, Botox or Dysport would be good choices. Sculptra gives your skin more volume, smoothes fine lines, and reduces wrinkles. 

Sculptra is a phenomenal option if your goal is to fight wrinkles and add volume. The unique formula contains poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA, which is a known collagen stimulant. With this ingredient, Sculptra sets itself apart by not only filling your fine lines and wrinkles, but by stimulating the production of collagen in the skin. 

Collagen is a protein found throughout the body. Around one-third of your body is made of collagen, including your inner organs, bones, and blood. When you have a cut, and the platelets in your bloodstream form a scar, that scar is made of collagen, which helps to keep foreign bodies and microbes that can cause infections out of your bloodstream. 

Collagen is also one of the main building blocks of skin. Collagen maintains your skin’s structure, meaning your skin’s firmness and resistance to wrinkles depends on your body continuing to produce collagen, and protecting the collagen that already exists. Sufficient collagen production helps your skin to look refreshed, firm, and ageless. 

What happens when I use Sculptra?

Like any filler, Sculptra works to fill fine lines and wrinkles almost immediately. Because Sculptra contains collagen-stimulating PLLA, this filler helps your skin heal itself from wrinkles while you enjoy the immediate benefits of fewer lines. PLLA is biocompatible with human skin, biodegradable so that it absorbs into skin, and minimally invasive, so you don’t have to worry about downtime. 

When you come in for your Sculptra treatment, we start by using an antiseptic to cleanse the sites where injections will be administered. Then, your provider will usually use a numbing cream to anesthetize the area, ensuring you have a comfortable experience with the treatment. Your provider determines how much Sculptra will give you the results you want. 

Though Sculptra is typically used to smooth wrinkles on the chin, around the nose, and smile lines around the mouth, Sculptra is also safe and effective for BBLs, or Brazilian Butt Lifts. Brazilian Butt Lifts enhance the size and shape of your bottom, giving you the enviable curves that are popular on social media and in real life. 

Using Sculptra for a BBL may require that we use a different amount of product than we would for your face, but just as we will your face, your provider determines that amount necessary for the results you want. For BBLs, the procedure of cleansing and numbing remains the same, though there may be a different waiting time before you see the results you are seeking. 

Sculptra is free of any animal or human material, and it’s hypoallergenic. Despite the safety of the drug, there can be some mild side effects when you receive your Sculptra injections, including: 

For side effects that last for longer than a day or two, contact us, so that we can assist you.  

Can I give Sculptra a try?  

Before we can recommend any treatment for you, we meet with you for a consultation, during which time we review your medical history and identify any risks that you may have with Sculptra. Once cleared by one of our medical professionals, we will schedule you for your Sculptra injections. Don’t let this winter get away from you without planning for a shapely spring and summer. Call us today at 818-275-2771, or book an appointment with us online. 

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