Help! My Botox Was Botched

Help! My Botox Was Botched

When you’re facing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, the go-to solution these days is Botox®. It relaxes the muscles that cause the wrinkles, giving your face a smoother, younger tone that looks completely natural. In the hands of a licensed professional, Botox is almost magical in its ability to transform. In the wrong hands, though, it could end up a botched job.

Our team of expert aestheticians at Pure Touch Skin Center uses Botox and its close cousin Dysport® to treat the fine lines and wrinkles caused by muscle contractions. We understand how important it is to produce a natural-looking result, so when a patient comes to us from somewhere else with a botched job, we want to do everything we can to make it right. Here’s what you need to know.

The nature of dynamic wrinkles

Dynamic means “in motion;” dynamic wrinkles result from a lifetime of making facial expressions that require movement. Whenever you smile, frown, or raise your eyebrows in surprise, the muscles beneath the skin in the expression area contract, pulling at the skin above. After such repeated tugging, at some point, the skin doesn’t relax as quickly or as much as it did when you were younger. That creates fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth, eyes, and between the eyebrows.

What is Botox, and how does it work?

Botox, officially called onabotulinumtoxinA, is an injectable drug made from purified botulinum toxin from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It’s the same toxin that causes food poisoning (botulism); however, when it’s diluted and injected by a trained professional such as the Pure Touch Skin Center team, it’s completely safe.

Originally used to relieve muscle spasms in the eyes, the FDA-approved Botox in April 2002 for cosmetic procedures. It was initially purposed to treat brow furrows (glabellar lines), but it’s now used to treat dynamic wrinkles anywhere on the face.

The toxin is a neurotoxin, meaning it works by preventing nerves from signaling adjacent muscles to contract, temporarily paralyzing them. If the muscles can’t contract, they can’t tug on your skin, so your face relaxes, and the wrinkles smooth out and disappear. The muscles maintain just enough function to make normal expressions, which means your face won’t look “frozen.”

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAOS) indicates that, even though some people see results as early as 24-48 hours afterward, most people see noticeable effects within a week of their treatment. Results last from three to four months, at which point you can repeat the treatment.

What is a botched job, and what can you do about it?

A botched job is any procedure that doesn’t leave your face natural-looking and smooth. If the provider used too much of the toxin, the muscles will be completely paralyzed, your expressions won’t look natural, and your face will take on a “frozen” appearance. You may even have areas that sag from lack of muscle support.

If the provider didn’t use enough of the toxin, or if they injected it too deeply or superficially, you’ll still see the lines and wrinkles crossing your face.

The difficulty in addressing these problems is that Botox can only be safely administered once every three to four months. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, that means you have to wait until it’s out of your system before you can have another go.

You’ll know when it’s time to come into Pure Touch Skin Center for help:

Our licensed aestheticians know exactly how to administer the Botox to achieve the best results, and we have other therapies, like dermal fillers, to complement the procedure.

If you’re interested in Botox as an anti-aging therapy, Pure Touch Skin Center stands ready to provide the right treatment with the right results. To set up a consultation with one of our aestheticians, call or send us a message online today.

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