Banish Your Double Chin With Kybella

If you can imagine your face without your extra chin, we’ve got news for you: There’s an injectable treatment that can bring you one step closer to the face you want. We rarely consider how our profiles look, until we notice that we have a little more fat underneath the chin, or in the upper part of the neck. A sleek profile is a youthful profile, and we can help you get there. 

Pure Touch Laser Center is a great place for your Kybella® treatments. Our highly trained staff of medical aesthetic professionals is ready to assist you and guide you through the process for your treatments. Kybella is approved to treat moderate-to-severe fat deposits below the chin, creating a look that can give you the confidence and self-esteem that you had before. 

What is Kybella, and how does it work?

Kybella is the brand name for Deoxycholic acid (DA), which is naturally produced by our bodies. It’s a bile acid, meaning its primary use is in our digestive system. DA is known for breaking down and metabolizing fat, so it was synthesized in a lab around 2003 by Drs. Adam Rotunda and Mike Kolodney.  

Injection lipolysis, or injectable fat treatments, have been around since the ‘90s. Kybella was first FDA-approved for cosmetic use in 2015, but was not the first product created to dissolve fat. Since then, Kybella has been safely and successfully used to treat submental fat, or fat deposits under the chin. 

If you aren’t sure that Kybella is the right option for you, we do offer other options at our practice that can help you look sleek and radiant. For excess pockets of fat under the chin, though, Kybella is clinically proven and federally approved to change your profile. 

Do I have to do anything to prepare?

Some people choose Kybella as a treat, or even a finale, to their weight-loss programs. The truth is that you don’t need to do anything special to prepare for your Kybella treatments, other than what our professional staff instructs you to do. 

Before we offer any type of treatment, we schedule your consultation. During your consultation, we review your medical history. We discuss any medications that you’re using, whether they’re prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs or pain relievers, or herbal supplements. Research on the effects of supplements has improved enough that we know what can interfere with Kybella. 

What are the side effects?

Kybella has a few, mild side effects that are common, including:

Any of these side effects are normal and shouldn’t cause concern, but there are some rare side effects for which you should watch, including: 

If you experience serious side effects after your Kybella treatment, let us know immediately, or call your primary care physician. It is unusual for serious symptoms to occur when using Kybella, but your health and safety are always our top priority. 

When will I see results?

Kybella is typically dosed with one treatment per month for up to six months. The number of actual injections you will need depends on your needs, and your cosmetic goals. Some people receive up to 50 injections per treatment. Many see a difference in as little as one to two treatments. Keep a photo diary during your treatment, and watch your results show through. 

I’m ready to drop my double chin

We’re ready to schedule your consultation! We’re available in-office for regular hours, and when necessary, taking COVID precautions to keep our patients and patrons safe and healthy. Come in today, call us at 818-275-2771, or book an appointment with us online. 

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